Client Testimonials

Jacqueline R.

Kathleen ... Thank you for a great experience of workings with someone with integrity. You never faltered- You were sensitive to my needs; your help and counsel provided the strength I needed to get through the sale of my home of many years and my step into a new life. I'm so glad I selected you!

J. Shaw AIA

I have bought and sold a number of properties through Kathleen Gibbons over the years. Her sound business conduct, attention to detail and follow-through have made me greatly appreciate her presence on my team.

W.D. Buttrey

Our agent Kathleen Gibbons was splendid! Warm friendly demeanor, easy to talk to, low key style, confident, knowledgeable of the market; would recommend her to others.

Sara & Karl

..we can't thank you enough for the very difficult, very intense and very quick work you did to make everything go smoothly in the purchase of OUR FIRST HOUSE! could not have been done without your dedication and effort...

Annie & Dieter

We can't thank you enough for how wonderful you've made this process for us...As an Agent, you are a treasure trove of wisdom, knowledge, class, charm & savvy.. Thank You!

Christina & John

Thank you for the tremendous job you did in selling our home..This couple of fuddy-duddies would still be there had it not been for you. We especially appreciate your work in preparing our home for sale. We didn't doubt from the moment we met that we had picked the right realtor. Thank you for a job superbly done.


Kathleen...THANK YOU...for everything that you have done for us. We would not have closed on the sale of 2649 if we had not had someone with your skills and experience to lead us through the hoops. Thank you for all of your hard work and everything your have done for us...